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Staff Writer, May 6 2016, 14:23

Antique Ruby Danglers

Studded with fiery red Burmese rubies the antique stud has been designed with eight stones rather than the usual seven or nine stone. Ethereally beautiful this antique stud can be worn today as a fashionable dangler. A perfect amalgamation of vintage and trend this dangler has a large decorative bead that moves tantalizingly. The modern hook design of this dangler makes it easy to wear!

Antique Bangles

Studded with rubies and emeralds sourced from the ancient mines of Burma, these bangles are enchantingly beautiful. Adorably shaped with buds and florets one wonders if the ancient goldsmith fashioned this ornament after a tryst with the nature. Precious stones of various sizes and shapes are used in these bangles which makes it a very precious collectible.

Antique Stud Necklace

Fashioned with eleven antique ruby studs, this necklace is a work of art and a precious heirloom to possess. The fiery cabochon rubies sourced from the ancient mines of Burma are a precious legacy bestowed by the history that is hitherto unavailable today. Studded in solid gold the auspicious hues of the ruby stone and the burnished old gold makes this ornament a precious heirloom. The necklace is delicately fashioned with a row of endearing gold peacocks that compliments the fiery red of the ruby studs. Worn by women of yore, these studs carry are historical collectibles making them invaluable and priceless!