The Original Drawings from the NAC Team

Staff Writer, May 6 2016, 14:23

Inspired by regal jewels that we designed for the movie, NAC has designed an entire line of jewellery called ‘Rudramadevi collections’. Opulent, majestic and stately this collection is an expression of beauty, grace, ele-gance and strength.

A long Kasumalai, made of gold coins strung together as dollars with a row of flaming red rubies seemed like an apt jewel for a fiery queen. KasuMalai is a traditionally worn ornament, whose heritage is seeped in history. A royal jewel that befits a queen, even today matriarchs of the family, wear this haram and bequeath it to their daughter-in-law in their later years.

An intricately designed choker, this necklace is worn close to the neck and is studded with green and red stones. A large pear-shaped red stone adorns the center of the necklace while green and red stones decorate the rest of the design in an alternate pattern. The necklace is bordered by classic white pearls that cluster around with a tantalizing grace.

Elaborately intricate, this royal jewel is the stu that queens ought to wear. Two small circular pendants of vary-ing sizes balance the large necklace. Fashioned from solid gold the necklace has delicate artwork and is studded with red kemp stones. A large ruby bead hangs from the small pendant making this set, truly royal.

A queen’s thalaisaman cannot be anything ordinary. Studded with emeralds and rubies in floral design, buds of red flowers bloom all over this ornament while green vines encompass it. Each bud is bordered has a classic seed pearl while the center netthichuti is a medley mix of colours, red, green and pearls.

This haram set that extends from the neck all the way down to the chest is a classic example of a royal jewel of 13thcentury. A large elaborate ornament fashioned with solid gold with intricate work is a beauty to behold. Extending from the necklace is a thick chain that is worn all the way to waist while the oddiyanam encircles it.