The Breezee Collection

Intricate, lightweight and trendy with Breeze you will never run out of fashion! Hoops, hooks and twirls find accessories that match your outfit completely. Sombre, hippy, fashionable, boho and stylish pick your style and flaunt it. Thanks to our exclusive light-weight collection you don’t have to make do with metal jewellery that harm your skin. Delicate and exquisite you will find perfect accessories in our large range of and discover the true ‘you’ in your choice!

The Breezee Advertisement
With the creative team at Chirpy Elephant, NAC found the most unique way to portray its lightweight line of jewellery, Breezee. The team won the 2016 Maddys award for the same.
Making of the Breezee Ad
Watch the making of the Breezee Advertisement. Its sure an awe-inspiring video.
Exquisite Lightweight Jewellery Collection
A simple pendant necklace, elegant rings and earrings without too much bling are a great way to add style to your professional attire.
#itakeitlight - Girls stop worrying! Enjoy womanhood!
Girls! Quit worrying about petty things in your life. If you're a happy-go-lucky person, share your tips with others who worry over trivial issues. Visit NAC Jewellers official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to participate and enjoy a care-fre...

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