The Muhurtham Collection

We take pride in the fact that we have adorned scores of brides and have been a part of their journey through love and life. Our exclusive bridal collection is as extravagant as it is lovely and will make the bride feel special and unique just as she really is. Our range of Diamond, Gold and Platinum jewels have special bridal collections for the young bride to choose from. We also have a special section of Azva jewels designed specifically for the bride to wear.

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Every Mother's Anxiety Before Her Daughter Gets Married! It's Trisha's big day and she like any beautiful bride, wants to be her stunning best. The only problem, Urvashi, her mother is standing on pins because its getting late. This delightful duel b...
Making of the Muhurtham Video with Actress Trisha!
Watch the making of the Muhurtham Video with Actress Trisha and Urvashi.
The Exclusive Muhurtham Collection
The auspicious time of your wedding day is the muhurtham time and the most defining moment when you seal the long lasting bond of marriage for the rest of your life. Any bride in the world will want to look her absolute best on her wedding day and ou...
Bridal Appointment
Our bridal session is a premium service offered to clients who can book in advance and visit the shop at their leisure. Select your bridal finery at peace and enjoy our personal shopping experience to your fullest satisfaction. Our bridal experts pan...

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