Setting types for Stones


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Setting types for Stones

21 October 2016
The setting type refers to the metal base that holds a stone, whether diamond or a gemstone, in place. Each setting style is created to enhance the beauty of the stone and transform the look of a jewellery piece. Select the perfect setting type for your needs.

Prong Setting

In this classic setting, two or more prongs wrap around the crown of a stone to secure it in place. Also known as a claw setting, this mounting style minimizes the amount of metal used, allowing more light to pass through a diamond or gemstone, giving it more brilliance. This is a preferred style for engagement rings and solitaires as it allows for the greatest exposure of the diamond!

Channel Setting

In this contemporary setting, stones are secured in place between vertical metal walls, creating a smooth channel with no metal in between. This type of setting not only ensures protection for the girdle of the stone, but also provides a smooth setting making it less likely for the jewellery to get caught in hair or clothing.