The REWIND Collection

True antique is a rare collectible, a heritage ornament that comes to you with a deep vein of history. Celebrating a rich craftsmanship that has vanished through the centuries, our antiques bear true testimony to the rich cultural history of our region. Our collection of antique jewels is an exquisite range of ornaments that once adorned the women of yore. Studded with precious gems sourced from the ancient mines of Burma these jewels are a rare heritage that one would be proud to possess.

Shopping for antique jewels at NAC is an experience to savour. The exquisite ambience of our antique lounge will take you to a by-gone era of an old world where everything was larger than life. Designed intricately with polished wood, quaint wood-car...
Fashioned with eleven antique ruby studs, this necklace is a work of art and a precious heirloom to possess. The fiery cabochon rubies sourced from the ancient mines of Burma are a precious legacy bestowed by the history that is hitherto unavailable ...
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Take a peek at the forgotten heritage and the celebrated beauty of heirloom jewels that once entranced foreign invaders to our golden country. Sublimely beautiful and entrancingly lovely these cherished original masterpieces from our antique chest ar...
Our exquisite collection in an admirable different art form!

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